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About The Delve Deeper Series

A series of programmes and interactive resources for children aged 7 - 11, that 'delves deeper'

into the National Curriculum for schools, bringing fun learning to life at home!  

  • Providing children with knowledge and skills

  • Real life learning in the home: find out more about experiential learning

  • Linked to the National Curriculum for schools

  • Creating opportunities for investigation, questioning and wider thinking

  • Helping your children to think like a Mathematician, Scientist or Author

  • Interactive resources that give immediate feedback 

  • High quality learning to inspire your children to reach and exceed their potential

  • Produced by outstanding educators

"I do agree that children tend to learn primarily through direct experience and hands on activities.  

I think it is wonderful and important what you are offering."  August 2020


Alice Kolb PhD, President Experience Based Learning Systems

The Experiential Learning Theory (David Kolb PhD, 1984)

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