Discovery Trails!

What are they?

Discovery Trails are indoor treasure hunts that include QR codes linking

to online interactive quizzes, fun bonus challenges and video content.

Who are they for?

The whole family! Designed with FUN at their heart to be enjoyed with family & friends, but equally if you want to set the children off hunting whilst you have a well deserved cuppa then go for it!


How do they work?

Hide the paper clues around your home (we tell you where). Follow the clues until you find a QR code linking to an online interactive quiz which leads to your next clue. Have fun with bonus challenges during the trail & watch an animation at the end, giving children even more ideas

for activities to do at home. We give you a puzzle page too, to add to the fun!

What will I get?

A 4 page full colour document. Everything you'll need. A complete package of fantastic FUN!  

How do I buy them?

You can download them yourself or we can send printed copies. Details are below.