Science Programme 1

scientific investigation


Jess introduces Em to the Home

Learning Fun Crew as they consider

a Science investigation together.

Download the resource here

Science Programme 2



Jess starts to consider light; suggests 

a Science Learning Trail around your

home and encourages you to think of

your own questions you can research.

Download the resource here 

Science Programme 3

light and shadows


Jess explores light and shadows, with the help of one of our Home Learning Fun Crew, Em!

Download the resource here 

Science Programme 4



Join Jess and Em as they discuss sound. All credit to Em for her body percussion intro in this programme. Trust me Jess tried to join in but found it a bit tricky, which let Joe off the hook as we were aiming for a 'Pitch Perfect' moment! 


Have lots of fun trying your own sound investigations at home!

Download the resource here