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"My son really enjoyed watching. He is now talking about Similes and walking around the

house joining in with the activities. I will definitely recommend Home Learning Fun to others."


Kelly Robinson ~ Parent

"Home Learning Fun discusses a wide range of topics which my daughter enjoys exploring. The ideas shown give a new, interesting approach to learning and the additional resources are a welcome bonus."


Gill Murray ~ Parent

"Home Learning Fun is a great way for children to learn about how things work and what things mean. It's lovely seeing children doing the experiments and activities on the videos. The videos and attachments are great! I would recommend to other parents to try."


Marie Young ~ Parent

​"The resources are extremely relevant to a home learning environment with a wide range

of easily accessible applications. The different characters in the videos keep the viewers

interest and breaks the video into manageable sections. Supporting resources 

encourage additional learning activities." 

Dr. Helen Stephens PhD, BSc Hons, PGCE 

"Children tend to learn primarily through direct experience and hands on activities.  

I think it is wonderful and important what you are offering."  


Alice Kolb PhD, President Experience Based Learning Systems

The Experiential Learning Theory (David Kolb PhD, 1984)

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